JMA is proud to celebrate over 25 years connecting borrowers and lenders.

For over 25 years, JMA has provided innovative solutions that connect mortgage servicers, banks and credit unions, private investors, and auto finance companies with their borrowers.

Mortgage Servicers, Banks and Credit Unions, Private Investors, and Auto Finance Companies rely on JMA to provide a national network of FDCPA-compliant outreach specialists and the right campaigns to reach borrowers and create resolutions. Using a combination of data, mail campaigns, call centers, door hangers, property inspections, face-to-face field engagement, loan modification education and document notary we drive results that assist borrowers toward resolution or transition and reduce operational, financial and reputational risk for our clients.

Call Center

JMA’s call center support enables lenders, servicers and investors to engage borrowers using third-party, call center staff that is 100% on shore. JMA’s call center support allows businesses to offload overflow in-bound or outbound calls using flexible, on-demand resources that can rise and fall with fluctuating volumes.

Door Knocking

Face-to-face borrower engagement (or "door knocking") enables lenders, servicers and investors to engage borrowers and achieve resolution as a third-party that can reach otherwise unresponsive borrowers.

Mobile Notary

JMA’s Mobile Notary service provides lenders, servicers and investors a nationwide network of notaries to notarize and collect lending-related documents including final modification documents, and other debt-related, client-specific documentation.

Let Us Help You Connect with Your Borrowers

Contact us today and let us build an outreach plan to help you reach your borrowers and obtain resolution.

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